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Pro-Street Aluminum Sleeves. $22.50 Set





Located In The Rochester, New York Area


NEW 6pc. Radiator Kit $2.50

Shop Hours: M-F: 6am.-6pm.    (585) 978-0705  

Saturday Hours: 8:00-4:00  


NEW       Sonny's Pro Mod 959 Engine kit

More New BB Engine Kits Coming Soon Choose your transmission
New Parts Coming Soon (1 Week Stay Tuned)  
Count Down To The New Sonny's Engine Kit $18.50



Split Dominator Carb

BB Intake Kit


NEW HD Pro Mod Rear End $2.25 New Split Dominator Carbs $2.00

Power Glide Transmission


Pro Mod BB Front Plate Kit


Photo Etch BB Crank Trigger

Supplied By: Futurattraction

$1.75 Each.

1 In Stock
Photo Etch SB Crank Trigger

Supplied By: Futurattraction

$1.75 Each

2 In Stock

Sonny's 932 BB HP Cast Ram Air Engine Kit 572 Ram Air EFI Engine Kit      

Decal Sheet Included





Masters By: John Williams. Heads, oil pan and Valve covers! Styrene Model Creations $16.00      


Intake Mastered By: Michael Anderson      

Aluma Star Drag Wheels M/T Drag Wheels

V-Series Drag Wheels

NEW Pro-Mod Wheel Set

B&M Rachet Shifter

Master By: Nick Lytle

$5.50 $5.50 $5.75 $5.75


Mastered By: Nick Lytle Tires not included Tires not included  

New Tunnel Ram Intake

New 3 Hole Shotgun Scoop Kit NEW High HP Cast Ram Intake 6pc kit. Pro-Mod Racepack (Steering wheel not included) Race Pack B
$3.75 $3.75 $3.50 $2.25 $2.25
Master By: Manny Master By: Manny Intake Mastered By: Manny By Manny By: Manny

Check out all of our new intake kits on the Engine Parts Page

84 S10 Blazer Grill/Valance  Step Fuel Tanks $6.50
Coming Soon In 2015
Both Blazer Versions Will Be Available!
Window Version Delivery Version
Truck Mud Flaps $1.75
 Master by: Ray Evans $5.00

Call: 1-919-725-5119

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